GOLD foil lettering

Good evening lovelies!

I learned a new technique, and it is my new favorite!!!!


I tried making my font look gold when working on a new project, and I was not a fan of how it printed. I do not have Adobe Photoshop, and tried a few free sites, but it wasn’t for me. I decided I wanted to keep designing my way, and go from there! Sure enough– other crafters shared their genius of making actual gold foil letters.

Personal Laminator + Goil Foil + Ink Jet Printed Design = MAGIC

Here is the finished project…and of course now I am going to keep rolling out more designs! If you have an idea or want to purchase one, just let me know! I’ve made one for a customer and myself, and now I can’t stop the gold!

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Elephant Jumping


Hello sunshine!

If you know me at all you know how much I love to create. I love to design and create rustic decor for my home. After several friends asked about the pieces, and even a few request their own, I decided why not start to share this skill a little broader!

One of my most favorite pieces is the “It is Well” frame! This has become a popular item that I love to create! Scripting letters is one of my favorite things to do!

I’ve also created a floating frame of cotton with just a couple simple pieces, this has already found its new home, as well!

Stay tuned for some pieces I still have in the works!