What do I do for Spelling??

If your teaching time is anything like mine, Word Study is minimal to say it nicely 🙂 We have a 15 minute Word Study/Spelling block. I do send home Spelling Homework to give them that extra practice, but it didn’t seem to be helping a whole lot.

Copies were also becoming an issue! Making too many copies can be come a tension-filled issue at school. I decided to solve both my problems with one paper.

After the first quarter, my class began using Weekly Spelling Sheets for morning work. It seemed to WORK! Each student only had one page (front & back) for the entire week of morning work! It is fantastic, still! My students turn their paper in when they finish, and I collect it when time is up for Morning Work. I put it in my next day of work’s folder, and VOILA, my morning work is prepared for the next day…and the next…and the next…

Not only was that part marvelous, but I had less papers to keep track of through the week!

I decided to share my creations with you! You could use these for Morning Work or Homework- whichever suits your needs best! There are 4 SETS (4 weeks in each set- 1 set per month). It could be a great review for your students, or a great kick-off to your student’s spelling needs! So far, the words I have are from Fry Sight Word list (Second Hundred).

You can find the set you want by clicking on the set you want below! Congrats-LESS Planning!

Click here for Set 1  Click here for Set 2  Click here for set 3 Click Here for Set 4

To purchase ALL 4 SETS getting you 16 WEEKS of Morning Work/Homework-

Click here for Bundle Set



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