Science Experiment Fun!

thumbnailAs we begin the 4th Quarter (WHAT?!? ALREADY?!?!) Our county is flowing into Life Cycles for Science studies. I have made it my mission to give a take-home project each quarter. First quarter, we did a force & motion project. Second quarter, my students did an amazing job presenting CIvil Rights’ Heroes in several different formats! Now, we will be pursuing growing a plant. Sadly, I do not have a window in my classroom (like many of you I am sure!) So, I figured this idea would be a perfect, and last, take home project! The rest of fabulous grade level teachers reminded me of the lima bean project, and I immediately said I would produce a journal for us to use! Welp- here it is! You can catch a glimpse below to see what all is included. To get this journal —>>CLICK HERE <<—- I will definitely post an update when we finish the unit and the projects are turned in to examine! I cannot wait to see how well they grow!

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