Angles & Shapes Mystery

This past week my students worked on constructing and analyzing shapes and their angles. We had a BLAST! I have always used marshmallows and toothpicks for constructing, and just tape their shapes to one half of the construction paper. Then on the other half of the construction paper I tape down their paper at the top so the front & back can be viewed! I’m even overly type A and put toothpicks and marshmallows in baggies prior to the build so there’s no sneaky marshmallow eaters, or lost toothpicks. This year, my class made all  the 2-D shapes on the organizer, and then the next day built a 3-D shape-analyzed it- deconstructed it-built a different 3-D shape. After they built all 3, they were told to build their favorite one to tape to their paper! There are many ways you can build these shapes, this is just my favorite 🙂 You can find my shape organizer —>HERE<— 

Happy Shaping!



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