Save the Mess!

Whether you use composition notebooks for interactive notebooks, or traditional notetaking, these are lifesavers! So far, I have up the Unit 1 tabs created.

  1. Print on normal 8x 11 paper.
  2. Fold in half
  3. glue paper on front and back of journal page.
  4. front page will be the KWL (math), scores (reading), brainstorming (writing)
  5. back page is a list of skills we will work through for the first nine weeks.

VOILA! I am so excited to get these going this year! Just click HERE to check them out!demoInteractiveNotebookDividers2655630

To add to my Type A greatness (hah!), I created labels for each journal (Writing, Math, Reading). They are for the Avery labels that have 10 per sheet. Go –>HERE<– to check them out!


Busy Bees!

You guessed it! My theme this year (I’ve kind of skimped on the past couple of years, and this year am deciding to go for it!) are bumblebees. We are the “busy bees”. I created these center labels for Reading and Math center bins, as well as full page matching labels to put in the room so they know what area they should go to for that center! They are on my TPT… just click the picture links below to check them out!

Reading Center Labels                                                               Math Center Labels