ELLs and NEPs writing!

Have you ever received a Spanish speaking student who spoke little to no English? Being ESOL certified, and over the past 8 years working with the ELL cluster classroom, I have never once received a student like this. I have seen students with low reading levels, broken English, or even ELLs that have moved into the monitor stage. This year, I had a new student join our class. I quickly realized that he did not speak any English. I am an ESOL certified teacher, therefore I do not receive ESOL push-in from the few ESOL dedicated teachers our school has acquired. I immediately knew my day was about to dramatically change. I want him to be engaged! I want him to grow as a learner!

My second graders are currently working on Personal Narrative writing. My NEP and I have worked on sight words, short sentences with basic words, and all the other fun “kindergarten” type of learning. This past week, he showed frustration in not being able to do what we are doing. So, I decided to get him as close as I can to the rest of my group. I am excited to try it out! I would love to share it with you, and hope it helps you and your English learners! Just click the blue link below!

English Language Learner Writing Pack


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