Flipping Out!

Happy Friday~

I just recently confirmed I will be flipping my classroom next year! I am so excited to try something new as I enter my 9th year of teaching 2nd grade. Now that I am very familiar with the content (even though we all know how quickly that changes), I can’t wait to try new techniques of reaching the kids!

You may be saying…what do you mean, “flipping”?? I have been asked this a few times since announcing it a few days ago. SO, go check this quick video out to find out more.


All in all, I’m going to try having the students watch content videos at home (instead of hearing me lecture at school) with a quick check afterwards. Luckily, there are a lot of resources like learnzillion, nearpod, and others! Then, as they enter into the classroom- we will be able to do more application tasks with me to guide and support! What I have found in my years of Title I, is that a lot of time they don’t have a lot of support at home for many reasons. This way just seems to make sense to me for my “crew” as I call them.

I have slowly moved through blended learning the past few years, as more technology became available. Our fearless leader has helped me and another teacher who is taking this journey with me in the upper grades, receive more laptops for our classroom! Have you checked out Chromebooks?? They are THE JAM for students. They have everything students need, and nothing they don’t.

I am also going to try moving towards flexible seating—-a little nervous for this one, but I’m hoping that setting up hard expectations at the beginning of the year will roll well.

Be sure to let me know any tips and tricks you might have for flexible seating/blended learning! Also,  I have a donorschoose project right now for 3 more Chromebooks for the classroom! Feel free to check it out.