Let the Projects Begin!

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As my last post shared, I am moving towards the flipped classroom model! As excited as I am, I am also focused on making sure I start the year on the right foot. I am a very Type A person, so I feel that organization is a huge benefit in the classroom. I’ve been working with my school staff to make sure that I don’t have any “extra” things in my room where possible. They are generous enough to store my science/ss textbooks in a separate storage area this coming year. This is HUGE as I will only have 4 desks in my room, and the rest of my seating will be tables or flexible seating. Most of my students are ELL so they typically struggle to read the textbooks independently, so I will use other digital and created resources to help scaffold my students in that subject!

On a separate note, I had two personal bookshelves that came to the end of their 8 year career. They looked more like the leaning tower than a shelf. Shelving can be expensive, but it is 100% necessary to me in the classroom (especially with no desks to store anything in anymore). I am a bargain hunter, so I went on a garage sale site to see what I could find. I was able to find a pretty solid 3 shelf book case that had seen better days, but was sturdy. So I snagged it for $10, and my crafty heart got to work! I was going to paint it at first, but on one of my Amazon “paroozing” nights, I came across these CUTE chevron shelf liners. They are contact paper rolls. If you have ever used contact paper you know the struggles I faced doing this project (especially being Type A)! In the end, I am happy with the final product. I decided I’m going to use this behind my small group table to house group materials. (Bo decided he was ready to make his debut in the before picture.)



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