Digital Interactive Notebooks

One thing I am most excited about for this coming school year’s flipped classroom are my digital notebooks! I will use Google Slides to help implement Reading and Math interactive notebooks. No more scissors and glues with the most incredibly small pieces of paper left behind! I know this will take some training at the front-end, but what doesn’t? My plan is to introduce my students to myย Expectations Journalย whole group. Then allow students to visit a device or use their own to explore it. The best part about it… they can’t mess it up! Students are better at technology than most adults, because they are fearless. The journal guides them as to where to type on each slide.

In my Google Drive, I have created a team named “Mrs. Williams’ Class” <–creative, right? **To add your own team drives, you simply click “New” at the top of the screen after clicking on “Team Drives”. Once you add it, here’s what it will look like!** I will add my students to it once I know who they are. Then, I can share out these journals to my students so they each make their own copy of it, and edit. They just click “File” and “Make a Copy”!


Sounds complicated, but from the research I’ve done, I think I can do it! The best thing about 2nd Graders, they are very forgiving! After 8 years of teaching 2nd Grade, I am excited to venture into this new method in the classroom. It will definitely keep me on my toes!

Be sure to check out our Expectations Journal for the first week of school!

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