Flipping Out!

Happy Friday~

I just recently confirmed I will be flipping my classroom next year! I am so excited to try something new as I enter my 9th year of teaching 2nd grade. Now that I am very familiar with the content (even though we all know how quickly that changes), I can’t wait to try new techniques of reaching the kids!

You may be saying…what do you mean, “flipping”?? I have been asked this a few times since announcing it a few days ago. SO, go check this quick video out to find out more.


All in all, I’m going to try having the students watch content videos at home (instead of hearing me lecture at school) with a quick check afterwards. Luckily, there are a lot of resources like learnzillion, nearpod, and others! Then, as they enter into the classroom- we will be able to do more application tasks with me to guide and support! What I have found in my years of Title I, is that a lot of time they don’t have a lot of support at home for many reasons. This way just seems to make sense to me for my “crew” as I call them.

I have slowly moved through blended learning the past few years, as more technology became available. Our fearless leader has helped me and another teacher who is taking this journey with me in the upper grades, receive more laptops for our classroom! Have you checked out Chromebooks?? They are THE JAM for students. They have everything students need, and nothing they don’t.

I am also going to try moving towards flexible seating—-a little nervous for this one, but I’m hoping that setting up hard expectations at the beginning of the year will roll well.

Be sure to let me know any tips and tricks you might have for flexible seating/blended learning! Also,  I have a donorschoose project right now for 3 more Chromebooks for the classroom! Feel free to check it out.


ELLs and NEPs writing!

Have you ever received a Spanish speaking student who spoke little to no English? Being ESOL certified, and over the past 8 years working with the ELL cluster classroom, I have never once received a student like this. I have seen students with low reading levels, broken English, or even ELLs that have moved into the monitor stage. This year, I had a new student join our class. I quickly realized that he did not speak any English. I am an ESOL certified teacher, therefore I do not receive ESOL push-in from the few ESOL dedicated teachers our school has acquired. I immediately knew my day was about to dramatically change. I want him to be engaged! I want him to grow as a learner!

My second graders are currently working on Personal Narrative writing. My NEP and I have worked on sight words, short sentences with basic words, and all the other fun “kindergarten” type of learning. This past week, he showed frustration in not being able to do what we are doing. So, I decided to get him as close as I can to the rest of my group. I am excited to try it out! I would love to share it with you, and hope it helps you and your English learners! Just click the blue link below!

English Language Learner Writing Pack


Save the Mess!

Whether you use composition notebooks for interactive notebooks, or traditional notetaking, these are lifesavers! So far, I have up the Unit 1 tabs created.

  1. Print on normal 8x 11 paper.
  2. Fold in half
  3. glue paper on front and back of journal page.
  4. front page will be the KWL (math), scores (reading), brainstorming (writing)
  5. back page is a list of skills we will work through for the first nine weeks.

VOILA! I am so excited to get these going this year! Just click HERE to check them out!demoInteractiveNotebookDividers2655630

To add to my Type A greatness (hah!), I created labels for each journal (Writing, Math, Reading). They are for the Avery labels that have 10 per sheet. Go –>HERE<– to check them out!


Busy Bees!

You guessed it! My theme this year (I’ve kind of skimped on the past couple of years, and this year am deciding to go for it!) are bumblebees. We are the “busy bees”. I created these center labels for Reading and Math center bins, as well as full page matching labels to put in the room so they know what area they should go to for that center! They are on my TPT… just click the picture links below to check them out!

Reading Center Labels                                                               Math Center Labels


Close Reading Packet

Close Reading is all the rage right now! As it should be! Close reading gets your students thinking about their reading, versus just being able to word call and answer the basic 5 Wh questions!

I have a new product active on TPT that gives directions on how to implement close reading passages, post text-evident sentence starter posters in your room, bookmarks for fiction and nonfiction closes reading marks, and paired texts of fiction and nonfiction just to get you rolling!

Be sure to go check it out! My class uses one a week, so if you do the same this will cover a whole month for you! —>>Pick up your set here! <<—

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Angles & Shapes Mystery

This past week my students worked on constructing and analyzing shapes and their angles. We had a BLAST! I have always used marshmallows and toothpicks for constructing, and just tape their shapes to one half of the construction paper. Then on the other half of the construction paper I tape down their paper at the top so the front & back can be viewed! I’m even overly type A and put toothpicks and marshmallows in baggies prior to the build so there’s no sneaky marshmallow eaters, or lost toothpicks. This year, my class made all  the 2-D shapes on the organizer, and then the next day built a 3-D shape-analyzed it- deconstructed it-built a different 3-D shape. After they built all 3, they were told to build their favorite one to tape to their paper! There are many ways you can build these shapes, this is just my favorite 🙂 You can find my shape organizer —>HERE<— 

Happy Shaping!



Science Experiment Fun!

thumbnailAs we begin the 4th Quarter (WHAT?!? ALREADY?!?!) Our county is flowing into Life Cycles for Science studies. I have made it my mission to give a take-home project each quarter. First quarter, we did a force & motion project. Second quarter, my students did an amazing job presenting CIvil Rights’ Heroes in several different formats! Now, we will be pursuing growing a plant. Sadly, I do not have a window in my classroom (like many of you I am sure!) So, I figured this idea would be a perfect, and last, take home project! The rest of fabulous grade level teachers reminded me of the lima bean project, and I immediately said I would produce a journal for us to use! Welp- here it is! You can catch a glimpse below to see what all is included. To get this journal —>>CLICK HERE <<—- I will definitely post an update when we finish the unit and the projects are turned in to examine! I cannot wait to see how well they grow!