Angles & Shapes Mystery

This past week my students worked on constructing and analyzing shapes and their angles. We had a BLAST! I have always used marshmallows and toothpicks for constructing, and just tape their shapes to one half of the construction paper. Then on the other half of the construction paper I tape down their paper at the top so the front & back can be viewed! I’m even overly type A and put toothpicks and marshmallows in baggies prior to the build so there’s no sneaky marshmallow eaters, or lost toothpicks. This year, my class made all  the 2-D shapes on the organizer, and then the next day built a 3-D shape-analyzed it- deconstructed it-built a different 3-D shape. After they built all 3, they were told to build their favorite one to tape to their paper! There are many ways you can build these shapes, this is just my favorite 🙂 You can find my shape organizer —>HERE<— 

Happy Shaping!



Science Experiment Fun!

thumbnailAs we begin the 4th Quarter (WHAT?!? ALREADY?!?!) Our county is flowing into Life Cycles for Science studies. I have made it my mission to give a take-home project each quarter. First quarter, we did a force & motion project. Second quarter, my students did an amazing job presenting CIvil Rights’ Heroes in several different formats! Now, we will be pursuing growing a plant. Sadly, I do not have a window in my classroom (like many of you I am sure!) So, I figured this idea would be a perfect, and last, take home project! The rest of fabulous grade level teachers reminded me of the lima bean project, and I immediately said I would produce a journal for us to use! Welp- here it is! You can catch a glimpse below to see what all is included. To get this journal —>>CLICK HERE <<—- I will definitely post an update when we finish the unit and the projects are turned in to examine! I cannot wait to see how well they grow!

What do I do for Spelling??

If your teaching time is anything like mine, Word Study is minimal to say it nicely 🙂 We have a 15 minute Word Study/Spelling block. I do send home Spelling Homework to give them that extra practice, but it didn’t seem to be helping a whole lot.

Copies were also becoming an issue! Making too many copies can be come a tension-filled issue at school. I decided to solve both my problems with one paper.

After the first quarter, my class began using Weekly Spelling Sheets for morning work. It seemed to WORK! Each student only had one page (front & back) for the entire week of morning work! It is fantastic, still! My students turn their paper in when they finish, and I collect it when time is up for Morning Work. I put it in my next day of work’s folder, and VOILA, my morning work is prepared for the next day…and the next…and the next…

Not only was that part marvelous, but I had less papers to keep track of through the week!

I decided to share my creations with you! You could use these for Morning Work or Homework- whichever suits your needs best! There are 4 SETS (4 weeks in each set- 1 set per month). It could be a great review for your students, or a great kick-off to your student’s spelling needs! So far, the words I have are from Fry Sight Word list (Second Hundred).

You can find the set you want by clicking on the set you want below! Congrats-LESS Planning!

Click here for Set 1  Click here for Set 2  Click here for set 3 Click Here for Set 4

To purchase ALL 4 SETS getting you 16 WEEKS of Morning Work/Homework-

Click here for Bundle Set



Fluency Practice at it’s Finest

There is already a fantastically fun Addition Fluency Game on my TPT that incorporates small exercises with addition facts up to 20, but let’s not forget about reading! I am currently working on a reading fluency activity for levels J-M! They will be posted soon to my TPT, and you will be the first to know. If you subscribe before then, you will receive the first FREEBIE!!! of the fluency pack!

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So It Begins…

For years I have been helping teachers implement resources that make their lessons more effective! The new Common Core has given me quite the challenge, but I am up for it!

I have been the technology chair for my grade level, county LSTC certified, staff development trainer, and resource creator for my grade levels. Through all of these experiences, my drive for helping teachers gets greater!

So, let me know what I can do for you! I have recently started working harder at my TPT store, really thinking about what has been useful for my teacher friends.

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